Johnny Lurg is a rebel Internet user who takes a great cause to reshape the Internet.

Hobbies of Johnny Lurg

Johnny Lurg has been a long-time user of YTMND who has placed funny jokes on that website.

Free entertainment activism

Lurg has also participated in being an activist of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, as well as creating a parallel universe of it called the Lurg Internet Social Alliance, in which he strives for freedom on the Internet. He even created his own record label called Lurg Records as a response to Nisa Records which was part of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance.

Later on Johnny Lurg has joined the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise since he wanted to further help ensure peace for entertainment. As per some ambitions of the Suzanne movement, there is also the hypothetical merger of Johnny Lurg and Suzanne, which has been codenamed "Lurgzanne", of which will create a parallel universe of competition between Lisa and Lurgzanne.

Later on, the rivalry between Nisa and Suzanne has ended with Operation Nuni Q which meant that Johnny Lurg wasn't any threat to Nisa when joining the Suzanne movement.

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